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 Mass Gathering

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Mass gatherings are events attended by a sufficient number of people to strain the planning and response resources of the host community, state/province, nation, or region where it is being held. It can be a (long term or spontaneously planned) event,  or may be large number of persons at a specific location for a specific purpose (e.g. social function, public event, sporting event) for a defined period of time.

Mass gatherings are a stress test for public health. Crowds, and the infrastructures that support them, can be an ideal setting for outbreaks of disease.

What are Mass gathering events in “SA”?

The most known Mass Gathering event would be "Hajj". The kingdom of Saudi Arabia does only not witness the annual health event of Hajj (pilgrimage) but an escalating number of religious visitors to the holy mosques all over the year leading to huge mass gathering.

Have you even been in mass gathering events :

  • Hajj
  • Malls
  • Festivals
  • Football match
  • Racing
  • Umrah

How we can help

How we can help individuals, governmental and non-governmental organization to organize and host such as event with highs international standers of safety & medical coverage. ESABAH can play your need for medical / safety coverage for you events

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