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 Safety Environment

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The World Health Organization (WHO) Manifesto for Safe Communities states that “All human beings have an equal right to health and safety”. The emphasis of the Safe Communities approach is on collaboration, partnership and community capacity building to reduce the incidence of injury and promote injury-reducing behaviors. Approximately 150 communities throughout the world have been designated as ’Safe Communities’, in countries as diverse as Sweden, Australia, China, South Africa and the Czech Republic.

The World Health Organization (WHO) ’safe communities’ approach to injury prevention has been embraced around the world as a model for coordinating community efforts to enhance safety and reduce injury. Approximately 150 communities throughout the world have formal ’Safe Communities’ designation.

What do you mean by home safety

Home safety refers to the hazards that can commonly be found around the home and to the means of controlling or eliminating them.

Hazards at home

  • What can happen?
  • How can you access your safe community?
  • We can help

Is your work safe?

Health and safety in the workplace is about preventing work-related injury and disease, and designing an environment that promotes well-being for everyone at work. Because Usually a person spends average 1920 hours in you work annually.

What are hazards ?

  • Fire
  • Cyaicl pa
  • Other

Is it safe far you kids to be outdoor:

  • Play grounds
  • Malls
  • Roads
  • Entertainments

How can you as an individual help ?

Knowledge is the key ingredient in providing a safe environment—if everyone knows the correct procedures then accidents and injuries can be kept to a minimum

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