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date: 13/05/2013

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date: 13/04/2013

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 On Site Therapy Solutions - Esabah Maintenance Staff

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The Problem

Workers in pain tend to slow down or use other parts of their body to compensate for weakened areas. As frustration mounts, the risk of injury increases and productivity slides. Lacking effective intervention, absenteeism and workers compensation claims can significantly affect a company's bottom line.


The Solution

Each Esabah Maintenance Staff (EMS) is an on-site health and safety facility for employees. EMSs are staffed by professionals trained to care for pain and injuries, rehabilitate injured employees, and prevent future injuries from occurring.


Back, Neck, and Shoulder Programs

Because back, neck, and shoulder problems represent a major portion of annual workers compensation claims, EMSs include special equipment and technologies for workers suffering from pain in these areas. Run by trained staff, our back and neck programs provide employees with:

  • Personalized plans to improve back, neck, and shoulder strength
  • Regimens to improve flexibility and reduce the risk of shoulder tears
  • Body mechanic education to improve safety and job task performance
  • Quarterly scorecards that encourage participation and follow-through

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